Mercury is a fully collapsible, professional quality modular guitar. It is designed for traveling professional musicians who require portability and versatility onstage and in the studio. It fits into a standard carry-on suitcase, goes from parts to pitch in under two minutes, and requires no tools to assemble, so musicians can customize how their guitar plays, sounds, and looks onstage.




  • Fully collapsible and customizable on the fly

  • Travel Ready

  • Tool-free disassembly

  • Parts to pitch in under 2 minutes

  • Equivalent of several guitars in a carry-on sized case

  • Turns into a bass, baritone, doubleneck, and more.

  • Maintain without putting guitar out of commission

  • Forward-compatible platform for new innovations

Why Mercury?

Mercury Modular Guitar is an instrument designed for working professionals. Every component that shapes the experience of both player and audience can be swapped out in seconds. After the gig, it collapses into a suitcase or backpack, ready for the airport or subway. And with new modules and accessories on the way, there's no limit to what Mercury can bring to your sound.