I first got it into my head make guitars in high school. I didn't get a chance until after my first undergrad. Inspired by some of the great luthiers of our time, I dove headlong into building guitars. I was an apprentice for a year and a half before going back to school for industrial design, building guitars in my free time.

The whole time, I dreamed of designing what I regarded as the holy grail of guitar design: the modular guitar. Others had tried, a couple had come close, but none had truly perfected this technology. I resolved to make it real, holding myself to a list of standards:

  • Collapsible enough to take on a plane
  • Every fundamental aspect customizable
  • Parts to pitch in under 2 minutes
  • Tool free assembly
  • Plays, sounds, and looks as good as any other boutique guitar

After nearly two years of spent effort and money, and by not compromising my original vision, I feel that I have delivered the evolution of the electric guitar: a truly travel-ready and totally customizable guitar that can outplay (or transform into) any other guitar on the rack. 

It's my dream to share this vision with others. you can Help!