I first got it into my head make guitars in high school, but I didn't get a chance until after completing my first undergraduate degree. Inspired by some of the great luthiers of our time, I dove headlong into building guitars, concentrating on experimental lutherie. I was an apprentice for a year and a half before going back to school at Savannah College of Art and Design to study industrial design, building guitars in my free time. At SCAD, I learned the software, fabrication, and design skills to elevate my practice.

The whole time, I dreamed of creating what I regarded as the holy grail of guitar design: the Modular Guitar. Others had tried, some had come close, but none had truly perfected this technology. I resolved to make it real, holding myself to a list of standards:

  • Collapsible enough to carry on a plane

  • Every fundamental aspect customizable

  • Parts to pitch in under 2 minutes

  • Tool-free assembly

  • Does not compromise playability, tone, or aesthetics

After years of spent time, money, and effort, and by not compromising my original vision, I felt that I had delivered the evolution of the electric guitar: Mercury, a truly travel-ready and customizable guitar that could outplay any other guitar on the rack. But it was difficult and expensive to build, and it soon became clear to me that not everyone was ready for this innovation, so I went back to the drawing board to create a modular guitar for everyone. Voyager was the result.

Music and making are my passions. I have been building guitars since 2013, and I continue to love pushing the limits of what a guitar is and how players interact with their instruments. As a player myself, I hold myself to a high standard of quality and innovation.

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